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Stable Grid provides stabilization, flooring and footing solution

Reclaim your paddocks, stalls, round pens, water tub and gate areas, aisles, driveways, walkways, yard and anywhere else the mud and wear have taken hold. This system is easy and affordable. Stall mats makes all the difference.
 The ultimate drainage system, grass paver, Turf Protector, Soil Stabilizer, Storm Water Management Device, Wet Lands Stabilizer, Livestock Ground Surfacing and Flooring, Kennel Flooring, Hardscape base, Greenhouse flooring and more. The list of uses continues to grow.
Stable Grid provides a permanent solution. The grid becomes a part of the natural flooring as a stabilizer. The base layer and top layer will be permanently separated and unable to move. They are actually good for the environment as well as horses and other livestock. Buy direct from the manufacturer. We have no dealers or distributors. We do have a few builders and landscapers that sell Stable Grid as part of their finished product.

The ultimate soil stabilizer, eliminates mud entirely and permanently

Stable Grid offers excellent durability, drainage, traction and comfort. The grid is interlocking which provides a one piece installation. There is no shifting, therefore no maintenance is required to maintain the level surface.  We have been selling Stable Grid wholesale/retail since 2003.  Beware of the re-sellers of grid.  They constantly change what they are selling and use similar and sometimes original names of manufacturers.  Certainly the product they are selling has a name – why not use it?  Why portray themselves as a re-seller of Stable Grid when they are not selling it?
 Stable Grid is made in USA, made of a recycled polyethylene, it is good for the environment and is practically indestructible in farm/agricultural environments. Livestock hooves will not harm it – not even severe pawing!.
Unlike any other stabilization grid in design or durability
The original hoof grid, actually designed for livestock
We offer immediate shipping with 2-10 day delivery depending on your location
Offered in two materials, your original semi flex and now super flex.