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The Original Multi-Purpose Stable Grid Mats for Drainage, Soil-stabilization, and More

Welcome to the home of the Stall Grid–the original drainage system. Doubtless, you have seen stable grid mats on sale specifically targeted for drainage and stormwater management. However, we are proud to say that we are the original and authentic manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of the unique, permanent Stable Grid system that is superior to all our imitators. Our product is patented and trademarked. Our stall mats:

Stall mats

  • Are manufactured in the United States–start to finish.

  • Contain small triangular, octagonal, and square cells within each tile (for superior drainage and load-bearing).

  • Are reinforced with a complete border on each unit for strength, shock absorption, and for minimized compression under weight.

  • Interlock to form a permanent, slip-free footing solution.

  • Incredibly user-friendly and simple to assemble. We estimate ten to twenty minutes for a 12’ by 12’ area.

  • Never warp, bunch, wave or disconnect once installed correctly.

  • Are made of environmentally sustainable recycled polyethylene.

  • Are easy to clean; do not absorb odors.

  • Reasonably priced. Despite our superior materials, we can charge less than our competitors and imitators, because we are the manufacturer.

  • Do not retain heat or cold. Our stable grid mats stay flexible and comfortable to hooves, feet, or paws year-round.

  • Are slip-free. Stable Grid mats do not have sharp spikes to dig into your soil. They rely on stabilizing bars to settle the structure on top of your base. There is no need for spikes, nails or any other product for installation.

  • Are treated with a UV-negating solution, making them more durable.

Stable Grid is a soil stabilizer, livestock flooring solution, and water runoff system among many other applications. There are limitless uses for this amazing system. Learn about its most popular applications below:

Soil stabilizer

There are dozens of soil stabilization methods and products available on the market today. Yet, Stable Grid is the only one that combines everything needed for an indestructible wetlands stabilizer. Our stall flooring mats protect not just your land but also the surrounding environment from problems arising from wetlands erosion. Some of these problems include–fish and animals deaths from sediment running off into bodies of water, and damage to water quality. Wind erosion can create limited visibility as well as respiratory problems in people living near affected areas.

Stable Grid tiles are perfect as a wetlands stabilizer system or general application soil stabilizer, as once all the pieces are installed correctly, the structure should never shift, wave, or come apart. The weight-bearing ability of your land and its capacity to deal with large amounts of water are both multiplied manyfold.

Soil control

Protect your land from water, wind, and animal-treading related soil erosion. Planting small trees, grass, and herbs can help keep your topsoil in place, and its valuable nutrients– intact. However, these are not sustainable solutions for all situations. Our soil stabilizer mats will keep habitat-destroying soil loss to a minimum, while still allowing grass and vegetation to establish strong root systems and grow through.

Soil control is indisputably necessary when the quality of your soil determines your crop outcomes and your livestock safety. Soil erosion threatens both of these important things. However, our sturdy interlocking mats have enough cells in the right pattern to help gradually drain large amounts of water into the ground, while providing mud-free, slip-free footing. Our stall mats can become the central part of the stormwater management plan for your farming/agricultural land or other property vulnerable to soil erosion.

Horse stall mats

When horses spend a good deal of time in their stables–as they do in the colder months– the quality and type of stall mats that are used in their stables is of utmost importance. Horses produce a substantial amount of urine and feces daily, thus demanding stall mats that allow for drainage and are easy to clean. Because our mats provide drainage, the smell of urine will not seep into the Stable Grid tiles, but will be directed down to the rock base (or other base of your choice) underneath. Because the entire floor gets continuous air, there will not be a buildup of odor.  

Secondly, the health and soundness of horses’ legs depends on how hard the flooring is on their joints. Stable Grid is designed with livestock joints in mind. Unlike regular rubber stall mats, our recycled polyethylene stall mats are not just flexible, but also tough. The combination of structure and flexibility provides a supportive and cushioning effect on the joints of a large animal.

Livestock ground flooring

Say goodbye to the muddy slip-n-slide that is often created by repeat treading of heavy, hooved animals. Our stall mats provide a livestock ground surfacing system that has a cross-connecting matrix between the tiles. This smart design makes for a permanent, slip-free solution that can also bear a huge amount of weight–upto 70,000 ft. per square foot. Unlike rubber stall mats, ours do not easily compress under a load of weight–even a tractor can drive on this surface. The flexible but heavy-duty livestock ground flooring will not sink– but has just enough give. Thus, it is supportive for the joints of even your largest livestock animals.

Kennel flooring

Stable Grid is perfect for dog kennel flooring. It is easy to clean, as it is just one solid sweepable piece when finished. It does not hold heat or cold, keeping your pet safe from extreme temperatures–and it always holds in place without slipping and sliding, unlike many pet mats. The openings (cells) in each tile are sized strategically (0.24’’ to 2’’) so that they should not trap small paws.

Greenhouse flooring

Greenhouse flooring demands outstanding drainage capacity. Because a plant or vegetable nursery needs to be watered daily, the ground surface must be stable and also let water through. Stable Grid is both stable and an ideal drainage system–perfect for commercial greenhouse flooring applications. Get perfect footing while your work in the greenhouse and rest assured that your benches, tables, and other greenhouse staging items don’t sink or slip through the mud.

Ground protection mats

Protect your precious turf with a comprehensive turf protector/grass reinforcement solution. Stable grid can be applied with grass, turf, mud and other surfaces, depending on your needs. Applied with turf or grass, it will protect these surfaces from wear and tear resulting from high-traffic use or from special event-related foot/car treading.

Grass grid

Installing Stable Grid with your grassy areas creates a grass paver that will still allow the grass on your lawn or parking zone to grow through the cells. Installing our flooring with grass allows for even more water runoff control than grass alone can provide, while also keeping your area green.

To order our stall grid mats for any of the above agricultural, commercial, or residential applications, fill out our quote-generating form or–give us a call at 804-262-7698 to ask about the amount of material needed to cover your surface.

Once the price estimate for your stall flooring system is complete, we immediately ship it to your location, ensuring you will receive it within 10 days, depending on your location – much less. In the meantime, enjoy our gallery showing off various Stable Grid applications.