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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to occasionally pull the grid up and clean under it? 

No, the grid is a permanent installation. You will just spray through it with a hose sprayer for occasional cleaning or disinfecting as you would in any barn.

Why doesn’t a stall floor smell bad with the urine just sitting under the grid?

Stable Grid floor is exposed to air, thus it doesn’t have a smell like stalls with rubber mats. The urine goes through the floor and rock base and is absorbed into the ground.

How will I clean my stall without the fork getting hung on the grids?
Stable Grid has a locking border design. The grids cannot move sideways or up and down like the ones that don’t lock. The floor does not wave. Your floor will be perfectly level so it will be like cleaning a level dirt floor. The fork will glide across the entire area if you keep your plastic fork at the proper angle.

Your literature says that the savings in bedding will pay for the grids. Does that mean I will not have to use bedding with your system?

You bed the stall as if it were a dirt or clay floor. A dense wood product is an excellent choice and don’t skimp! You just won’t have to remove wet bedding so the bedding last a long, long time.

I have seen some grid floors that get sort of wavy and are hard to clean. Why do you say this won’t happen with Stable Grid?
Stable Grid has a border around the entire panel which buts up against each other and locks. Once the grids are attached, it is very, very difficult to take them back apart (and not recommended as it could cause damage if done incorrectly). This system does not allow horizontal or vertical movement of the grids. If the grids do not lock, the weight of a horse can cause one of the panels to go down and force the adjoining panel to rise giving a stair step appearance. If the grids have a loose connection or horizontal connection, the grids can start to wave in the same way that boards tied together do not necessarily stay straight.

I have seen another grid that appeared to be softer or rubbery. Wouldn’t that be better for my horse?
The weight of a horse will feel the shock absorbing qualities of Stable Grid. If the grid is soft enough to flop around or be compressed considerably under 100 lbs., it cannot maintain it’s shape and will permit the floor to become unlevel. Stable Grid is firm enough to hold it’s shape without borders and yet it still has shock absorbing properties and is flexible enough to mold over hills, etc.

Can I drive over the grid unfilled with machinery to drop fill material?
Yes, we test every production run – empty on concrete with over 25,000 lbs driven over it and it will compress slightly but once the machinery is removed it comes right back to it’s original shape. The grid must be on a good base!

What does it mean when you say that Stable Grid is a self contained system?
Stable Grid has a secure locking mechanism. It does not need walls or a wooden form to stay together. There are no rough or open edges – the grid has a smooth, solid border.

Why does Stable Grid have small squares in the pattern?
Stable Grid has small cells and ¾” squares to give the system added strength and load bearing capacity. The small squares also ensure that the grid panel does not lose its shape. Compare our design to the competitors and you will see the difference. More cells, smaller cells, more strength.

Does Stable Grid have anything on the bottom to keep if from moving?

Stable Grid does not have any prongs or prickers. We have stabilizing bars on the bottom which seat into the base and tiny cleats on the top surface to give added traction initially. We have no sharp edges on the grid at all.

I want to buy an American Made product but how do I tell?
Other companies say they are American because they are sold here. If the grid does not come in standard US measurement, it or the mold are probably not American. Stable Grid does not have any European affiliations, partners or licenses.

(Your competitor) says your product is inferior that’s why it cost less!

We hear this all day long. What else would they say? They have disguised themselves many times to try and get a sample with no luck! We have sold to horse owners, cattle owners, llama owners, kennel owners, residential developers, commercial developers, homeowners, landscapers, civil engineering projects, and the federal and local government . Our product is a Polyethylene blend which is more expensive in raw materials and more expensive to produce.  The 12″ squares can be run on a smaller machine, also a cheap shortcut.  Our product is less expensive than many grids because we are manufacturers, not a marketing company.  Some of the grids we see are sold on the pyramid schime like Amway.  We sell to the end user for the same price we would sell to a marketing company. We have several dealers who are also customers due to the increase in shipping charges. The dealers can get a good deal on shipping due to the quantity which decreases prices to their customers over buying direct and having small quantities shipped.

When I typed in your name, the (competitor) site came up.

Yes that is another game. This is how competitors play when they can’t compete legitimately. This company has many distributors so they can’t compete price wise with a manufacturing company. 97% of our business comes from customer referrals. It must not be the case for them.  “The original Stable Grid” is a joke.  That company is not the original anything.  While using the same name, they imported several different products from Europe and now make their own product for about 5 years that has been changed numerous times.  We have been in business longer than they have been a distributor and much, much longer than they have been a manufacturer.  Their product may be finally made in American, but they are Canadians.

Other companies tell me to allow for waste. Why do you say there will probably be no waste?

Stable Grid is 1.5’x 2’ which usually fits an area exactly. In the rare instance that you have an odd size stall (or other area), you can cut the entire edge off after connection and leave it connected to use as the starting row for the next stall. If you don’t have another stall to complete, use the leftover strip around a water tub, gate or other muddy area.

How long does it take to install grid in a 12×12 area?

Excluding the base and fill, it takes 5-15 minutes for one person. If it is your first stall, it will probably take 15 minutes and if you have already become familiar with it, it will take about 5 minutes.   That does not include the base or fill.

Where do you advertise?

We do very little advertising. We are listed on several internet sites and advertise in several publications sporadically. We also exhibit in a number of expos. 97% of our sales base are referred by our customers!  There is at least one person that advertises that she sells Stable Grid.  I don’t know what she is selling now, it has been several different systems, but it is not Stable Grid.  BEWARE!

Why does it require force to snap Stable Grids together?
The grids do take some force to snap – that is why they don’t come apart. If they have an easy snap or just slide together, they will come apart just as easily.

Why do some of the pictures on your web show wood under the grid?

The grids have locking snaps. Depending on your base, and if it has any give, you may have to put a board under the joint while stepping down. If you do run into that problem, you can snap the entire section together on firm ground or concrete and then carry the complete section to the stall, etc. If it doesn’t come apart in the air – it won’t come apart on the ground.

There is someone advertising that they are a distributor/dealer for Stable Grid but they send you something else. 
Stable Grid is sold direct for the most part.  We have some landscapers, barn builders, etc. that sell Stable Grid as part of their completed package.

One of your competitors says your grid is brittle and an imitation of their “original grid”.
What else would they say?  They also claim they are the “original equine grid” when their grid was not designed for horses at all, it was an afterthought years later. When you constantly redesign your product, you can hardly call it “original”. We have even more recently been called an impostor of an impostor of an impostor. I think it may be true of them as they are a marketing company which has sold at least three different products all using the same “name” Our grid is not like any other grid on the market in size, design or material. We get several emails per week which are forwards from our competitor bashing our product. The people sending the email forwards are obviously offended at their business practices.

One of your competitors says if I use your grid, I’ll be sorry, it will have to be pulled up.
We hear this a lot. Actually, if you use our grid, they will be sorry. They keep telling people our grid will have to be pulled up but they don’t say when. We had 16 stalls and several gates of a competitors grid that actually did have to be pulled up in less than a year. It came apart, sagged and curled up.

Why do you recommend against using gravel INSIDE the grid system CELLS?

Gravel goes under the grid for drainage in many instances but it cannot be used in the actual cells because It does not pack. If you want to use gravel inside the cells, you should look for a grid with a solid bottom or a concrete grid. The grid system will keep the gravel from moving horizontally but there are many variables within the ground beneath. Any movement in the base from an earthquake, animal tunnel, frost heaves, etc. will give the gravel an opportunity to roll through the grid cells and get under the grid system. This will cause the surface to become uneven.  It also is so porous that flies, knats, etc. are able to breed in the decomposing hay, bedding, etc that is able to pack down in the gravel.

I keep seeing that your product is a cheap American imitation and you use deceptive marketing practices to try and steal business from the “original” grid.
The person boasting this information also claims to be an engineer. Unless being a waiter and “Quickie Mart” cashier makes you an engineer, this is not true. There was a legal cease and desist on this person from the original importer of the “original” grid. He builds websites for companies without their knowledge or consent and then tries to sell leads to the company. Our product was engineered and prototyped prior to 2000, long before “the original” was on the market here. Our product has no similarities with that product in design, ability to stay connected, or strength. Our original prototypes have been in use since the mid 90’s. The idea of geo textile is not new. The marketing strategy of this company is interesting. They have numerous names for their product, many of which are within 2 letters of being a competitors name.
They insist that all American products are inferior because obviously all Americans are idiots and then they expect Americans to buy their product. The name they are using now has been owned by our company since 2003, long before they used the name and they were aware of this. They also refer to themselves as the “original” equine grid flooring which is not true. Their product was not designed for livestock, that is why the cells are so large. We were the first ones to use their product as stall flooring according to the original importer and it was an expensive lesson. The floor became wavy, the pieces came apart and entire tiles were pawed up. They advertise as HDPE in some places and LDPE in some places.  A 12″ square requires 144 grids per stall where you only need 48 Stable Grids.  Stable grid has much fewer connections per area because Stable Grid is 3 sq ft, rather than 1 sq ft.
They sell on a multi-level marketing system so there are several mark ups before you get the product. There are several geo textile grids that have been used for livestock longer than them, they are not an original anything. Our product has been compared to their product time and time again and it wins. Our product has smaller cells, more cells, less expansion, more strength, a better price, and is owned, operated and manufactured right here in the US. If he really were an engineer, he would know that the strength is in the design. We did not copy their product – our product has no similarities. Our product is superior to the imported product in every way. America is the BEST Country in the World, support our troops and our industry.

Is the 2’x2′ grid not better, it has fewer connections.

We tested Stable Grid for years with different materials and in different sizes.  We found that the rectangle held up better than the square.  We also found that polyethylene held up much better than polypropelene for this use.   Stable Grid has the staying power.

Is the grid strong enough for commercial use or is it more designed for livestock?
It was designed for livestock which makes it super strong. Imagine a heard of cattle as compared to a truck or combine. Stable grid has cells ranging from 1/4″ to 2″ in a design with a border. There is no stronger grid on the market.