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Farm / Stall Mats

Farm Use

  • Protects against soil damage by hooves
  • Eliminates Runoff, Erosion, Ruts
  • Grass can be grown through grid leaving roots protected from wear and tear
  • Provides traction for livestock
  • Good for livestock joints
  • Provides a natural environment permanently
  • Durable enough for the toughest of equipment
  • Eliminates high traffic damage

Stable Grid System will keep your farm looking as if you don’t have hooves or equipment treading on wet soil. The system eliminates the worn areas at gates, water tubs and hay feeders. Having stabilized soil prevents many vet bills due to mud and injuries. Your tractor will never get stuck again! The ultimate hoof grid.

The pictures below show the permanent difference Stable Grid installations will make!


The best Stall Flooring available today

  • Drains beautifully
  • Durable – eliminates ruts from pawing and walking
  • Becomes a permanent part of the floor
  • Easy on the joints
  • Eliminates constant stall floor maintenance
  • Sturdy so tiles will not sag or wallow

Stable Grid is an easy to install flooring which provides a permanent surface that stays level and flat, drains and does not accumulate odors like rubber mats. The pieces weigh approx 3.5 lbs each so installation by one person is a quick job.

See the difference Stable Grid Stall Grid makes!