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Stable Grid product details:

Dimensions of single tile:

    • Standard size +/- 4%
    • L x W x H = 24” x 18” x 1.25″ (3 sf)
    • Weight: 3.2 lbs per panel
    • LBC: up to 70,000 lbs/sf

Delivery Details:

    • Pallet = 48″x40″
    • 900 sq. ft. / pallet consisting of 300 Tiles
    • Approx. 1100 lbs. Per Pallet
    • Pallet height: Approximately 96″
    • Pallets
    • In small amounts, ground shipping will be used.  Please be advised it takes a little longer to quote and it runs a little more than standard freight.
    • All Shipments are available with residential and lift gate.
    • No matter how hard we try, most freight companies won’t classify a farm as a business.  If all else fails, they will rate it “out of the way” which is the same as residentail.


  • Recycled polyethylene (tough & flexible)
  • Color: Black
  • Flexible Joints
  • Cross connectors for optimum load bearing capacity
  • Protruded upper surface cleats helps prevent slipping
  • Load bearing capacity depending on foundations, up to 70,000lbs/sq.ft.
  • Easily cut with a saw
  • Easily manageable by even a child for installation
General Tips:

Stable Grid was originally created to provide areas with secure footing and mud free environment for horses, cattle and other livestock. It has also proven excellent for use in residential and commercial applications.

Recycled polyethylene is used for the manufacture of the tiles.

UV inhibitors have been added to Stable Grid to provide a long life in outside installations

This material is capable of expansion and contraction, which is dependent on the temperature as well as on the properties of the ground beneath it.

Pattern consists of a combination of octagons and small squares and triangles which gives ultimate strength and LBC

Cell openings are a combination of 1/4″, 1″ and 2″ prevents small hooves and paws from getting into cells. The incorporation of the smaller sized cells and complete border on every grid make this the strongest grid on the market.

Stable Grid panels lock together once assembled preventing movement of system under weight. This system installs as a true one-piece installation.

These 3 sq ft grid tiles have fewer connection points than some of the others on the market. The fewer connections, the fewer problems.


Stable Grid System is a Patented Product and is in no way affiliated with European knockoffs using similar names and marketing strategies.  Nor are we in any way affiliated with re-sellers using the same or similar names for the product they are pushing this week.  Buyer beware.